Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake are the main attractions in Myanmar however there are also other exotic destinations such as Ngapali & Ngwe Saung Beach that offer un spoilt beaches in a peaceful and relaxing setting.

Each destination in Myanmar offers the traveller a unique experience In Yangon clients will be enticed with the colonial heritage of the city blending with the ancient Buddhist culture that is prevalent throughout Myanmar. In Mandalay the ancient capital and home of the former royal palace, clients will see a city that is now commonly recognized as the cultural heart land of Myanmar.

Two of the most enigmatic destinations in Myanmar would have to be Bagan and Inle Lake. Bagan is home to literally thousands of Pagodas dating back to the 11th century. You simply have not viewed a sunset until you have witnessed the sun go down with the mystical temples of Bagan serving as an inspiring background. The timelessness of Bagan will truly captivate the soul where age old traditions are preserved in everyday life. Inle Lake has a charm all of its own where the simple natural beauty of the region speaks for itself. The cool air and colorful scenery of the lake is intoxicating on every level.

Apart from these destinations, there are much more in Myanmar for slightly adventurous traveler willing to ‘get off the beaten track’ and see local unique ways of life.



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