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Handicraft of Laos

 The Buddhist sculpture in Laos  
  The earliest Buddha images found within the territory of present-day...more  
  The textiles of Laos  
The production of woven and embroidered textiles is undoubtedly the most prolific of all traditional crafts in Laos
  The gold and silver ware of Laos  
  The archaeological evidence indicates that gold and silversmithing was practised...more  
  The ceramics of Laos  
  The pottery dating back to the 3rd and 2nd centuries CE has been unearthed at Ban Pako near Vientiane...more  
Muang Khoun
Muang Khoun


Located 30 km southeast of Phonsavan. This town was once the Royal Capital and the centre of the Phuan Kingdom. Some might describe it as a shadow of its former self and they would be quite accurate in doing so. A few French colonial buildings still remain in the town centre alongside Watt Is Phum- home to a sitting Buddha. On the outskirts the ancient stupas tower over the city and the vistas surrounding the structures are well worth the hike. A few kilometers beyond the old capital, near the village of Ban Phai, lies a jar site; the jars are located just off an old dirt road and, unlike the jars at the three main sites, strangely enough they're built from granite.