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Handicraft of vietnam

  Folk Paintings  
  Folk paintings are a combination of traditional cultural values with ancient artistic methods that ... more  
  The refined art of Bat Trang ceramics  
  Bat Trang is an ancient village situated on the northern bank of the Red-river, about eight ... more  
  Fan makers  
  Fans made of paper, silk, and wood are a cultural feature only found in Asia. more  
  Old-style Thanh Ha Ceramics  
  Located next to the ancient quarter of Hoi An, the Thanh Ha ceramic village has been in existence ... more  
Xa Huong (Musk) Lake
Xa Huong (Musk) LakeXa Huong (Musk) Lake is located in the valley of the Buffalo mountain in Binh Xuyen district's Minh Quang commune.

It is 83ha wide and has got several big arms flowing into forests. Its impoundment is 41 metres wide and load capacity is more than 12 million cubic of water. There is a 132 hectare wide- 18-hole golf course which is under construction by the impoundment base.

Xa Huong lake is never dry. When its level water is at COs 92, travelers can row on the vast waves can have their boat pulled up to the shore to visit the village by the middle of mountains. When the level comes down to COs 76, travelers can see two stone whales swimming up and down in the green water in astonishment. When the level is at COs 53, there appears schools of orphaned stone hippopotamus, wild boars and panthers which seem in fighting with each other to possess the baits and. They make the water at the estuary of biggest streams spill all over.